Monday, November 2, 2009

This time exactly one year ago, I was returning from three weeks of travel to cph. How I miss it so...

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I guess this blog is done with for now. Maybe i will update it again when I return to Denmark within the next year...on my free ticket. Otherwise it has served its point well and I hope will act as a constant reminder of the fabulous life I left behind. Being back home has been both strange and familiar. It feels as if I never left. Never left the country, never left home, never made a new life in Denmark. But I know it wasn't a dream...mostly because I like looking at my pictures too much. So for now I say hej hej.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

more traveling

So I am currently in Amsterdam with Raphy. We were in Belgium at the beginning of the week. Not my favorite country but I'm glad I went there. We went to Brussels, Bruge, and Antwerp. Bruge was beautiful and Brussels was boring. But the waffels and beer were awesome. Amsterdam is great. Not in love with it, but I could definitley spend some time here...Since its christmas, we went to the only things open today-museums. Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. Last night we went on a walking tour of the Red Light District which was really interesting and somewhat startling, but enjoyable. Tomorrow we will go to the Rembrandt museum and see where that takes us. I want to walk over to the old Sephardic Synagogue.

I'm really excited to go back to Denmark on Saturday, it feels like going home. I know how it works there and how the people are and I know enough of the language so feel comfortable.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I won a free roundtrip ticket back to Denmark from DIS!!!

sidste ugen

I can't leave, I just can't. Yes I know I said that I hated it here, that I didn't fit in, have friends, and wanted to come home. But you know what, as usual I jumped to conclusions. I have a life here, have friends, and I just DON'T WANT TO LEAVE. I now know why people stay for a whole year...or just move here. We got an email saying, you may experience reverse-culture shock. I expect it. I have changed while living here and I don't know yet how exactly I'll fit into my old life.

Tonight was the first of my goodbyes. It really sucks. That is all I have to say about that.

I leave for Belgium on Friday, then to Amsterdam on Monday, and then I will be home in Newton on the 29th. yuck. home.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

two weeks left

I have 2.5 weeks until DIS ends, though I will have 10 extra days in Europe traveling. I realize that about two months ago I wrote that I had accepted that I was not happy here. I had come to terms with my disappointment and that it was ok to me. Well, lets just say I have been proven wrong. I have created a strong base of friends and always have something to do now. Sadly, it is so late in the semester that there just isn't enough time for everything. I have a routine, places to go, people to talk with, and I genuily enjoy being here. I am definitely sick of DIS and my classes. The program was definitely not up to par with my standards and I wish it had been better. I also realize that I do not 100% love copenhagen and Denmark, but fortunately it is not because I didn't have friends, so I don't feel guilty for not enjoying myself because I actually dont like the city for the city, not for the lack of friends. Hopefully that made sense.

This summer, I remember remarking to a friend that despite the fact that I am 20, I did not feel like an adult. I felt like a kid inside in many ways. I know feel like I have slowly grown up and become an adult while living here. I have a new sense of maturity and independence that I don;t think you can have without living on your own and trying a new experience as challenging and risky as moving to a foreign country and making a life. I am almost 75% done with college and I finally feel like I can go that last year and be in medical school.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and to continue my fall break...

So I am finally in the mood to continue my fall break extravaganza. I last left off in Madrid...ready, set, go.

Madrid: I had the most fabulous time with Gilad. Gilad has been living in Madrid for 1.5 years and has the most spectacular life there with an incredible group of friends. He picked me up at the airport and it was just so wonderful seeing him after so long. We took the subway to the center of Madrid where he lives in the most adorable 3 bedroom apt with three cute Spaniards-José, Luiz, and Rafa. After a shower and some unpacking, we headed out to a café where I got tea, then to a bar for beer, then to a Tapas restaurant! the food was AMAZING and the atomosphere was so unique. It was loud, cramped, dirty, and smoky, but so spanish. Afterwards, we headed back to his place with a few of his friends and got after a few hours of catching up, went out to a club called Nastí. It reminded me of Bside in cleveland, which made it a lot of fun. This was at 3am, because in spain no one goes out till at least then. This club is only open till 4am, so it was not very busy. As soon as it closed, we went back to the apt and quickly fell asleep. Friday morning, Gilad had work, so José took me out sightseeing. He was incredible and so sweet. We spent most of our time at the royal palace. it was beautiful, still furnished which was the best part. At around 3, we met up with Gilad and got lunch. Madrid restaurants commonly have 10€ lunch menus that are three courses and come with wine. it was perfect. We then walked around some more and eventually ended up at the big park in the middle of the city. it was so beautiful. we took a nap on the grass next to the lake, as were many people. and then we went to the train station that has a green house inside and got churros (SO GOOD). We then went back at the apt, where we got ready to go out to his friend Julita's 20th birthday party. I was able to enjoy a truely local experience. It was all spaniards except for me and Gilad and everyone spoke in Spanish the whole time. We had an early morning the next day, so we left the group when they decided to go to a club. That Saturday morning, we woke up early and got on a bus to go to El Escorial and Franco's tomb. Francos tomb was sureal, its a huge cathedral built into a mountain. I would highly recommend it if you go to Spain. I had told Gilad that I wanted a true Madrid night experience. So after getting back from our day trip, we took a nap, cooked and ate dinner around 10pm, got dressed, and his friends came over at 12. Gilad and I then went to a club called Pachá that I had been waiting to go to since he had posted so many pictures of it last semester. It was sooo cool. Gilad is the most networked person I know, he always knows the best people. so of course he knew the main PR guy who makes the Lists. But we didnt have to wait in line. Instead we met him at the doors, he brought us in for free and got us free drinks and brought us to the VIP floor. I doubt I'll have that experience again. His friends did not join us, so after an hour or so, we left and met up with them at a place called Elastico that was also like Bside but Huge! We stayed there till it closed at 6, then went to a diner type place, ate spanish tortiallas which are now my favorite food till we were tired (around 8), then went back to gilad's apt. About a dozen people stayed there talking, chain-smoking, and sobering up till 930am! I was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep, but I did have my true Madrid night and it was amazing. The next day, we woke up late and walked around town some more. That evening we went to see an independent movie that was in French with Spanish subtitles, though I understood most of it with my high school level spanish (points for me). Then we went and got tostas for dinner which were incredible and drank sangria, also very nice though I am now a bigger fan of tinto verano. Monday I left Madrid and made my way to...

Switzerland! Ok so definitely not my favorite place, but good nonetheless. I flew into Geneva and had to find a trainto Bern by myself for the first time ever. I was able to find a train 2 minutes before it left! so i didnt have to wait an hour alone in the station at 10pm. I arrived in Bern late and met up with my highschool friend also studying at DIS-Abby. We promptly fell asleep and spent the next day leisurly walking around, eating pretzles, and shopping. We did go to the big museum there and saw an awesome Albert Einstein exhibit. We decided to go to a semi-nice restaurant for dinner, which was great and very relaxed. my feet hurt so much at this point, i actually would have rather cut them off then walk more. We were only there two nights, so the next day we made our way to the train station and headed to Zurich. We arrived there and realized we did not have directions to the hostel...awesome. through some handy map work, we found where it was (while snowing/raining) and then up the 4 flights of stairs to reception. The hostel was so much fun, the people were incredibly friendly. We met one of the girls in our room, she was from new zealand and had been traveling for 5 months. she got a group of peope together to play cards and then go out for a drink-us (the 2 americans), an australian, and three canadians. Abby and I hung out with two of the canadians more that evening and learned they had both just graduated from culinary school, had just competed in a huge cooking competition in germany, and were moving to london for 6 months to do some internships, and just like us they wanted to go on a day trip to see the alps. so, the next morning the 4 of us left early for the train station, walked into the tourist office and said-"we want to see the alps, where should we go?". they told us, lucerne so that is where we went. it was so beautiful because of a fresh snow fall. we walked for hours. after we got back, we went to the grocery store, bought ingredients and then they cooked us dinner. it was so yummy and way better and cheaper than a restauran't/our own cooking. we just hung out at the hostel that night since we were so tired. the next day, we did the usual touristy thing, just walked around, ate roasted chestnuts, found the synagog (obviously we happened to find it), saw all the main churches, etc. we left the next day...but one last story. in the airport in zurich, i was about to go through security when the security man sees my pump. our conversation:
man-you have to take that off
ariella-i cant
m-you have to take that off
a-i cant its medicine
m-you have to put it in the basket
a-no, i cant its medicine, its ATTACHED to me (see the tubing)
m-you have to take it off
a-panicing...its ATTACHED
m- ooh, ok well you cant go through the metal detector, go around it and in the booth
a-no i can its fine
m-no, you cant
a-fined...and then i got patted down for like 5 minutes

so yeah, i arrived back in copenhagen saturday night. i wish i could have traveled for 3 more weeks, but alas, i had class.

now i am off to bake some pies for danish thanksgiving, but tomorrow i plan to update with more of my life here...which i mentioned previously, i am so much happier here and having a great time and cant imagine going back to america.